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My name is Simon Jones and that's about all I'm going to tell you at this stage. You see I'm not going to bore you with the usual trite information that you might expect to find on a personal home page. Instead I'm simply going to offer you a collection of links to personal website's I've created over time and allow you to explore them if you wish.

Before I Forget (My blog)
The day to day musings of me. This is where I flex my writing muscles the most. It's where you'll read about stuff that I'm thinking about, doing, etc.

Started back in 1997 when I was working at the University of Liverpool, this is an online collection of articles written by me simply because I wanted to write. Originally known as 'Meanwhile Back in Reality' the name was shorted to 'Meanwhile' when I took up writing again after a short break. The site is no longer updated.

Point and Click America
This is a little website I created while on a train from Seattle to Portland. It was simply a way I could share pictures from my trip to the USA with my friends around the world.

simon jones photography
Occasionally I have been asked to embark on a few photographic assignments. I had planned to embark on more photographic work, however I've decided to keep photography as a hobby, therefore this site is no longer developed, though I may return to it at a later date to develop a Simon Jones photography gallery.

Posh Coffee
Maybe one day I will open my dream coffee house. Until that time I simply use the and domain names as a holding area. However, look out for Posh Coffee house... it'll happen one day!

Posh Telly
Long before YouTube I was shooting video for the web and uploading it to a small site I made. I've since retired Posh Telly because it's easier to store my videos on YouTube amd other video services. However, still features some of my video work on the simple site that is there.

People often ask me what I look like, so to satisfy the kind of curiosity that cats fear, I created a little page featuring a few pictures of me. They date from 1996 to the present day.

Wirral Christian Centre Watch
I created this site after growing tired of watching a local church/cult act in ways that were disgraceful for a Christian church. If those in charge at the Wirral Christian Centre feel their behaviour is acceptable, then I would imagine they will have no problem with this site.

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